Donnerstag, 26. Juli 2012

Working Space (Part One)

I made these pictures while I cut some fabric for a new jersey dress. I made this in our kitchen/ dining room. We have two spaces in our apartment where we sew or make any other creative thing. The huge table in the kitchen and the room on the upper floor of our home. In this room we have two normal sewing machines and an overlock machine. I got one sewing machine for my last birthday. I really like it and I really think I want/need to sew mor often. But at the moment I'm sometimes so demotivated and only some special things can get me out of this. These things can be a lovely blog post, a nice article or photography (taking pictures, looking at some). Watching a great film, talking to friends on a phone, enjoying the fresh air on our balcony....  great fabric, pattern, colours, music...
What helps you to get/stay motivated?

So these holidays are for relaxation AND sewing! And when I'll be 18 I now plan to open a little shop on So I want to sew some pieces for it ( and to get better and more confident!).
Bisous bisous, Luu


  1. Schöne Fotos und die Idee mit dem Etsy-Shop finde ich großartig, habe schon einige Fotos mit deinen selbst genähten Sachen gesehen und du bist echt gut :)

  2. Wunderbar, die Stecknadel-Fotos :) Mag auch :)


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