Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Winter lights

It has been a little bit quiet around here, I know. But I have so many things to do and I'm wondering how fast time goes by every time I realize how long my "to-do"-list still is.  Well, not all the things I do need to be done so quickly or I just do them for fun... like photo shootings, sewing, baking, rearranging my room (again), meeting friends, etc... but I also have to do something or learn for some courses, study for my Abitur (A-levels), plan my time after school (woah, I noticed how much I need to plan, arrange, check, etc.). BUT: Next week I've a meeting and I'm so looking forward to it because I hope that this will fix my internship! I want to practice 4 months in a "costume tailoring" at an theater.

For the next time I've more than 600 pictures to check and edit. I'll show you some results of the last two shootings with my self-made fashion on the blog, but I think I'll post more on my Facebook page!

PS: I've no idea what the green and lilac lights are on the two pictures below! 
And I love this snow! Even if I'd like it to be april or may, so I can take photo shoots outside. Bisous bisous, Luu

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