Donnerstag, 31. Januar 2013

easy sweet puff pastry snack

Oh I love sweet puff pastry snacks! They're just so easy and fast to make and just so delicious that I often want to eat all of them immediately. And lately I'm kind of addicted to peanut butter... I can eat almost everything with it: muffins, muffin topping, brownies, roasted vegetables or/and tofu, toast, and so on... So I tried one third of the puff pastry with peanut butter. But as I wasn't use how it will turn out, I made the second third with vanilla and brown sugar and the third one with vanilla, sugar and coconut flakes. They all turned out very well, but the peanut butter ones were my favorites! 

You need: one package of puff pastry, peanut butter, vanilla, brown sugar, coconut flakes/flour
Preheat the oven to 200°C "upper and under heat" ( 395°F). Bake them for 10 to 15 minutes.

Montag, 28. Januar 2013

Studio Sunday #1

My last 24 hours were so productive. I needed the whole saturday to get motivated enough for sewing but then it was as if I couldn't stop anymore. Haha. No, actually I didn't want to! So I sewed a top, a pullover, two jersey dresses (1 of them), a skirt (lying upon another in the picture) and my first jeans! I'm so proud and happy! The Jeans fits so well and I still have two more fabrics I bought to sew more jeans/trousers. Sewing them took some hours ( I don't know the exact term, but I guess it took 4-6 hours). I think the more I practice sewing jeans it would take me less time! 
I love sundays for things like baking, cooking, sewing, rearranging things or rooms, making plans, collecting ideas and taking pictures. I think it will be a series called "Studio Sunday". Our studio is a big room in our apartment and we've three sewing machines and a lot of other things there. I still have some fabric and ideas and I'll take some pictures of the results when the lights better, so not tonight! 
Spend your (free) time with doing things you love! 

Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Früchteriegel #1 - selfmade fruity bars

It's perfect as a little snack when you get too hungry but don't want to eat a whole meal. I already tried some variations, but I often got back to some main ingredients. So I just changed only a few ones to get another flavour. They are easy to make and don't need so much time for preparation. But you should have a strong mixer or a moulinette.

Fruity Bars #1

Main ingredients:
- dates
- ground or chopped nuts (almond, cashew, walnut, etc.)
- agave or maple syrup
- wafers

- cocoa (sweetened or unsweetened)
- cranberries
- dried fruit
- raisins
- flavoured syrup
- vanilla (sugar or extract)
- peanut butter
- unhardened fat/oil (coconut oil/fat, etc.)
- spices

Chop the dates (cranberries, raisins) in your mixer. Then add the ground or chopped nuts, the syrup (and the oil, peanut butter). Mix until it's one almost homogeneous mass. Then add an extra flavour if you want (spices, ground coconut, vanilla, cocoa, etc.). Elapse the mass on a wafer and put a second one on it, so you have a fruity bar you can eat with your hands anytime you want. 

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

"Chocolate-Rice-Crispy" Mini Muffins

We went to a china shop last week and bought some delicious food. And we took some sticky rice flour. I already tried baking food using rice flour, but this time it was like an experiment. I used this rice flour as if it was wheat flour... And it turned out a little bit different than usually. Before I went vegan, I sometimes ate Chocolate Rice Crispies... I actually don't know if they absolutely taste like them , because I didn't eat them for a long time. So maybe you have to try it yourself!

Chocolate Rice Crispy Mini Muffins (15 servings)

- 3 Tbsp wheat flour
- 2 Tbsp puffed amaranth
- 2 Tbsp sticky rice flour
- 2 Tbsp brown sugar
- 1 Tbsp sugar-free cocoa
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- 1/4 tsp salt

- 5 Tbsp coconut milk
- soya/rice drink

Mix the dry ingredients and then add the liquid ones. Preheat the oven to 180°C / 356°F and bake the mini muffins for 12-15 minutes. 

This week won't be as stressful as the last ones, so I'll probably get some recipes shared and take some more pictures. My week will start with a class test in 10 hours. Physics... So have a great Monday! 

Dienstag, 15. Januar 2013

Friendship #1

Models: Annka & Gundi

Friends are so important to me! Talking to them makes me happy. It's so good to get detracted from stuff you must do sometimes. I'm sorry for not posting so often, but I need to do so many things for school at the moment and so my mind's full with deadlines, school's stuff, managing time, learning for classiest, writing papers and so on... And the only things I do alongside are cooking/eating, listening to music, chatting with friends, sleeping... drinking tea and having a cold. 
And because it's so stressful I'm so happy to have these great friends and nice readers! I love reading your nice comments, they make me smile every time I read them. Thank you so much! And I think I'll find more time for blogging next week (or maybe the week after it...) Bisous, bisous, Luu

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

November Shooting #3 - Winter clothing

Model: Lilith W.
Photographer: Johannes G.
Clothing (Scarf, Pants, Longsleeve, Shirt): self-made 

This my good friend Lilith wearing my self-made clothes. The shooting was in November  2011. And you can find the other pictures here. There you can see a self-made blazer, two shirts, a dress and another scarf. I'm sewing a lot at the moment and I'm also planning some shootings for the next months, so you'll see more clothes I've sewn. Bisous bisous, Luu

Montag, 7. Januar 2013

One week and Chocolate & Banana "Blondies"

The new year started with a lot of relaxation and doing things I like. One week already passed by and I sewed some new clothes, tried a new recipe (Chocolate and banana "blondies", recipe below), cleaned up my room, made some plans for the new year and spend much time thinking about my next year (about the time after my exams). I really hope your "2013" started as good as mine! 
I'm planning some things for my blog, photo shootings, sewing projects .... you'll see some of them soon!  
Here's a blog interview which I want to "win". Check out Niklas' Blog "Nllkrg"

Chocolate and Banana "Blondies" (vegan and soya-free):

 - 10 Tbsp Flour
- 5 Tbsp puffed amaranth
- 5 Tbsp brown sugar/ 1/2 tsp stevia powder
- 1/4 tsp salt
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1 smashed banana
- 100g chopped chocolate (without soya lecithin, for a soya-free version)
- water

Mix the dry ingredients and then mix in the liquid ones. Preheat the oven to 180°C (356°F). Bake for 15-20 minutes.

Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2013

Selling: knitted scarf for Spring / inside

Der Schal geht 1 Mal um den Hals, dann hängt er vorne noch wie auf dem Bild. Man kann ihn aber auch 2 Mal um den Hals wickeln. Er ist nicht sonderlich warm, aber bequem und "kuschelig". Ich verkaufe ihn in schwarz, wenn aber andere Farben gewünscht sind, kann ich auch gezielt nachschauen, was für Farben/Farbkombinationen es noch gibt! 

Ich verkaufe ihn für 13€ + 2€ Versand in Deutschland oder + 4€ international
Bei Anfragen eine e-Mail an schicken.

You can wrap this scarf one or two times around you neck. It's not quite warm, but comfortable and "cuddly". I sell it in black. But if you want any other colour/ colour combination, you can ask me and I'll check the options! 

I sell it for 13€ + 2€ postage in Germany or + 4€ international postal rate
For requests just send me an e-mail:


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