Freitag, 25. Januar 2013

Früchteriegel #1 - selfmade fruity bars

It's perfect as a little snack when you get too hungry but don't want to eat a whole meal. I already tried some variations, but I often got back to some main ingredients. So I just changed only a few ones to get another flavour. They are easy to make and don't need so much time for preparation. But you should have a strong mixer or a moulinette.

Fruity Bars #1

Main ingredients:
- dates
- ground or chopped nuts (almond, cashew, walnut, etc.)
- agave or maple syrup
- wafers

- cocoa (sweetened or unsweetened)
- cranberries
- dried fruit
- raisins
- flavoured syrup
- vanilla (sugar or extract)
- peanut butter
- unhardened fat/oil (coconut oil/fat, etc.)
- spices

Chop the dates (cranberries, raisins) in your mixer. Then add the ground or chopped nuts, the syrup (and the oil, peanut butter). Mix until it's one almost homogeneous mass. Then add an extra flavour if you want (spices, ground coconut, vanilla, cocoa, etc.). Elapse the mass on a wafer and put a second one on it, so you have a fruity bar you can eat with your hands anytime you want. 


  1. diese riegel sehen so lecker aus!
    ... und beim runterscrollen, wird man von diesen hammer schokoteilen erschlagen. ... da läuft einem das wasser im mund zusammen!
    danke für die rezepte, muss ausprobiert werden!

    lg daria von

  2. thank you, loooove your pics!!! angie

  3. WOW, sehen die lecker aus!!
    liebe grüße


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