Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

i've just made some healthy muffins

So running today was absolutely bad. after 1200m everything hurt and i almost coul not breath because of my palatine tonsils. Sometimes i hate my boday, because i've just run for 6/7 minutes and we had do run 12minutes. so if my body didn't hinder me i could have done it.
But fortunately i get another chance to do it in two weaks, so during the holidays i can train a bit.

But enough from school, this evening I  just had this great desire to bake something. I decided to do muffins...but we didn't have normal fluor, so i just made some with our fluor refiner and i used the whole wheat so it's very hight in fiber and energy.

Whole-wheat Banana-Marzipan Muffins:

* 150-200g (whole-wheat) fluor
* 5 T brown sugar
* 1 tsp Baking Powder
* 1 pinch of salt, cinnamon
* 1 banana (cut into little pieces)
* 1/4 piece of marzipan (also cut into little pieces)
* 10tsp Oil (e.g. thistle oil)
* soy-/ricedrink  (about 250ml/ less or more (i just mix it with the other stuff and stop when it reached the  wanted consistence))

(it's too dark to take a photo now, but i will do it tomorrow! (and there's nothing special about muffins. haha))

Tomorrow evening I'll see my boyfriend again (after 2 weeks). I hate this distance between.... well tomorrow will be a nice day with some friends (well, yes, in lessons) and we'll eat the wonderful muffins. That's gonna be great because finally i've found some great friends in my form so our field excursion in summer will be great, too!!

Well, you might have enough from my boring life now, so have a good night and don't dream so bad things...
Bisous, bisous, Luu

Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

smiling for real and doing pirouttes

(tomorrow i will smile and it will be real!)

need to run 2,6km tomorrow to get an A (15pts). -.- never gonna run so fast^^ hmpf but i try my best with my hurting muscles... sounds like fun, hm? And after getting my first sportsmark this year i'll have ballett-course again... wupsi i'm loving it so much!!!
Bisous bisou, Luu

Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

standing in the coldness and Baltic Sea #3

the photo-shoot today was great and absolutely fun! but the weather...brrr. it was so cold outside and it wasn't warmer inside... so we wore our wintercoats and warm socks. we also drank hot peppermint tea and sat in front of a heating when only one person was shooted. I'll getting the photos perhaps in a month or two or three or something...

Tomorrow I'll write my first english-classtest this year...i really don't like our teacher, but i think the test won't be so difficult... But we'll write it in the first and second lesson and starting at 7:45 isn't that nice.

I'll also need to go out to jog tomorrow afternoon (at thursday i'll jog as much meters as possible in 12 minutes...) and when i was outside to train for the first time this year, i couldn't even run for a minute without a break or just walk some time to get my normal breathing rhythm back again... so i need to reform my (walking) condition/patience! (on mondays i'm also going to the ballet-course, so it's going to be a very sporty day tomorrow!)

I'm saying goodnight and wishing for sunny and warm weather tomorrow! Bisous bisous, Luu

Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

i will be so happy to wear my selfmade (ultimately!) red blazer tomorrow

Sorry for the absolutely bad quality, but i took them just 10 minutes ago and neither the sunlight nor the light and mirror liked me so two wiggly shots from my new red blazer! I'm so in love with it and I'll wear it tomorrow for our school anniversary .
Today's weather wasn't so nice, but buying 3 new pair of tights, eating yummy thai-food (tofu, rice and vegetables) and finishing my long-time project dispersed my demotivation and boredom.

Anyway, there's something huge planned for sunday, but I'll tell you later (it will be absolutely more interesting afterwards).

'though i still need to finish something for sunday, learning some english vocabulary and singing with our school choir tomorrow....
i'm already excited and squirrelly, bisous bisous, Luu

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

love to lace, lost the dream last night

(pictures vie

Time goes by so quickly and i don't know what to do. I'm sitting here around and thinking too much, feeling tired and sad. I need something to dream of, to work for and investing all my spare free time. I need something really good for motivation because otherwise i won't get myself out of this demotivation and boredom. I don't know why, but sewing isn't enough at the moment.... well, maybe enough, but i can't pick myself up every free minute i'm simply doing anything...
But I've that great green lace and i bought some thread, so i want to sew a shirt or blouse (maybe like the one at the last photo).
Trying my best, bisous bisous, Luu

Dienstag, 18. Oktober 2011

last week in (food) photos

for dinner: mushrooms with leek and (first time i've tried) quinoa, it tastes different but i think i'll get used to it, if i'd eat it more often... our starter was a pumpkin soup (i've never really liked pumpkins, but now i do.)

asian noodles with vegetables and tofu and... a banana (tasted super-delicious and i love it every time again)

On Monday my school-day started at 11:20 so i made  CCK's Baked Oatmeal for breakfast and then i revised once more for my physics-test (which was at that day!) was, well, okay but not that good, i think!

 The first Blondies I made. I used my common muffin-recipe (1cup flour;1/4cup sugar/agave-syrup; 1tsp Baking powder, 1NoEgg, 1 pinch of salt, vanilla, 50g margarine/40ml thistle-oil) and added a handful cranberries, white (vegan) chocolate-chips. It tasted like normal muffins but it was more handy and variable in size. Unfortunately it was eaten up as fast as it was made...

Sunday-pancakes with my boyfriend (for 8 pancakes use the double amount as written in the recipe)

healthy sweetness i needed for revising some school stuff.... almost the same recipe like the previos pancakes (just added some nut-pieces and cacao). I ate it with soy-vanilla-ice-cream and (from my mother) selfmade cacao-(sweet)-chestnut-mush.

I also ate these roast apples with my boyfriend and we made them with a lot of raisins and different nuts (and maplesyrup), the melting vanilla-ice-cream completed the wonderful taste.

One hour ago i made some oatmeal-banana-cookies and they became very crunchy.... I'm trying to motivate my mother to help me finishing my blazer today!
See you soon, bisous bisous, Luu :)

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

doing a secret Vegan Santa at mamaveganas

taking part in mamaveganas's doing a secret santa. sounds like fun! 

freaking out and creating "CaroLine"

Today was absolutely fabulous (except for school). A good friend came to visit me and we talked about photography and my self-sewed clothes and we want to make some fashion-shots with them. He also wanted me to find a name for my clothes and therefore we created "caroLine". He also wants to make a logogram for me. I'm so exuberantly happy!!! (my blazer's almost finished now, just missing the collar; but i want to finish it as soon as possible (tomorrow? - tuesday?) and i also made a red/green checked bow (can be used as brooch or necklace, etc). For the shootings I want to sew some things more to have more options and maybe for different models (including me).
Waaah. what a wonderful day, what a wonderful week, just absolutely fabulous!!
I feel like smiling all the time and want to do so much in so little time...

Next time more, bisous bisous, Luu

Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

sunny and perfect autumn sunday

I love sunshine and rain as well, so today was so wonderfull. Eating pumpkin-pancakes for breakfast, going out for a walk and some pictures with my boyfriend, watching "Witness for the Prosecution" and some great news. First a good friend will come to have a look on my selfmade clothes and second, he wants to make some fashion-shots with them. I'm so excited and happy. we've already made some photos together (well, he took some of me, but it was absolutely much fun!).

Here you see the awesome weather we had today:

(autumn, outfit: H&M/Only/new boots: Rieker, sorbet with a muffin, 
food and my boyfriend's new old-Bike)

Bisous bisous, Luu

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

my Pumpkin Pie

for the shortcrust:
250g flour
50-100g brown sugar
2 NoEgg (or any other starch)
150g margarine
3 T water
1 tsp salt
-> put the dough in the fridge for an hour
-> roll the dough out and put it in a springform tin

for the pumpkin stuffing:
2cups of pumpkin mash (cut it in little pieces and put it with some water in a blender)
3/4 cup of brown sugar
1 cup (soy-) drink
1-2 sachets of vanilla flan
1 T sugar-beet syrup
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp ginger, nutmeg, salt (each)
1/4 tsp clove-powder
-> fill it in the springform with the dough
-> preheat the oven to 175°C and bake the cake for at least one hour (then test with a skewer)

Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

my first ballett-lesson

the course was awesome, but exhausting. afterwards i relaxed with a healing earth (selfmade) deep conditioner and an olive-oil and espresso peeling. my skin still feels so velvety and soft. you can find my recipe here.

The pumpkin-cake needed much more time in the oven than i had escepted. So i tasted it after dinner with some chocolate-crumble. And i think it's great, different but delicate, even if i don't like pumpkins that much.

Pictures tomorrow, because at the moment i need to finish the list of the themes for my domestic work in ethics. so let's finish it and have a good night with a long and deep slepp :D
bisous bisous, Luu

yummy. making and baking and so on

today i had only 2 lessons, so i went home and made my "real" breakfast. I tried the baked Oatmeal from CCK. therefore i also made a homemade apple-banana-sauce (2 apples and 1 banana). I thought that wouldn't be enough because some weeks ago we bought a butternut-pumpkin and i wanted to make a cake with it. So Everything's prepared now but the cake need to stay in the oven for over an hour and so i'll do it later, because i want to practise in a ballett-course ( some friends wanted me to try and so many girls  left because of finishing school or something and they said it would Not be a problem that i've never done it before (just danced for 6 years some dance mix)). so let's see how it will be....
I'll take some photos from the cake bisous bisous, Luu

(my baked oatmeal was so much that i ate it up just some minutes ago (breakfast and lunch))


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