Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

freaking out and creating "CaroLine"

Today was absolutely fabulous (except for school). A good friend came to visit me and we talked about photography and my self-sewed clothes and we want to make some fashion-shots with them. He also wanted me to find a name for my clothes and therefore we created "caroLine". He also wants to make a logogram for me. I'm so exuberantly happy!!! (my blazer's almost finished now, just missing the collar; but i want to finish it as soon as possible (tomorrow? - tuesday?) and i also made a red/green checked bow (can be used as brooch or necklace, etc). For the shootings I want to sew some things more to have more options and maybe for different models (including me).
Waaah. what a wonderful day, what a wonderful week, just absolutely fabulous!!
I feel like smiling all the time and want to do so much in so little time...

Next time more, bisous bisous, Luu

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