Freitag, 28. Oktober 2011

i've just made some healthy muffins

So running today was absolutely bad. after 1200m everything hurt and i almost coul not breath because of my palatine tonsils. Sometimes i hate my boday, because i've just run for 6/7 minutes and we had do run 12minutes. so if my body didn't hinder me i could have done it.
But fortunately i get another chance to do it in two weaks, so during the holidays i can train a bit.

But enough from school, this evening I  just had this great desire to bake something. I decided to do muffins...but we didn't have normal fluor, so i just made some with our fluor refiner and i used the whole wheat so it's very hight in fiber and energy.

Whole-wheat Banana-Marzipan Muffins:

* 150-200g (whole-wheat) fluor
* 5 T brown sugar
* 1 tsp Baking Powder
* 1 pinch of salt, cinnamon
* 1 banana (cut into little pieces)
* 1/4 piece of marzipan (also cut into little pieces)
* 10tsp Oil (e.g. thistle oil)
* soy-/ricedrink  (about 250ml/ less or more (i just mix it with the other stuff and stop when it reached the  wanted consistence))

(it's too dark to take a photo now, but i will do it tomorrow! (and there's nothing special about muffins. haha))

Tomorrow evening I'll see my boyfriend again (after 2 weeks). I hate this distance between.... well tomorrow will be a nice day with some friends (well, yes, in lessons) and we'll eat the wonderful muffins. That's gonna be great because finally i've found some great friends in my form so our field excursion in summer will be great, too!!

Well, you might have enough from my boring life now, so have a good night and don't dream so bad things...
Bisous, bisous, Luu

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