Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

yummy. making and baking and so on

today i had only 2 lessons, so i went home and made my "real" breakfast. I tried the baked Oatmeal from CCK. therefore i also made a homemade apple-banana-sauce (2 apples and 1 banana). I thought that wouldn't be enough because some weeks ago we bought a butternut-pumpkin and i wanted to make a cake with it. So Everything's prepared now but the cake need to stay in the oven for over an hour and so i'll do it later, because i want to practise in a ballett-course ( some friends wanted me to try and so many girls  left because of finishing school or something and they said it would Not be a problem that i've never done it before (just danced for 6 years some dance mix)). so let's see how it will be....
I'll take some photos from the cake later...so bisous bisous, Luu

(my baked oatmeal was so much that i ate it up just some minutes ago (breakfast and lunch))

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