Montag, 24. Oktober 2011

standing in the coldness and Baltic Sea #3

the photo-shoot today was great and absolutely fun! but the weather...brrr. it was so cold outside and it wasn't warmer inside... so we wore our wintercoats and warm socks. we also drank hot peppermint tea and sat in front of a heating when only one person was shooted. I'll getting the photos perhaps in a month or two or three or something...

Tomorrow I'll write my first english-classtest this year...i really don't like our teacher, but i think the test won't be so difficult... But we'll write it in the first and second lesson and starting at 7:45 isn't that nice.

I'll also need to go out to jog tomorrow afternoon (at thursday i'll jog as much meters as possible in 12 minutes...) and when i was outside to train for the first time this year, i couldn't even run for a minute without a break or just walk some time to get my normal breathing rhythm back again... so i need to reform my (walking) condition/patience! (on mondays i'm also going to the ballet-course, so it's going to be a very sporty day tomorrow!)

I'm saying goodnight and wishing for sunny and warm weather tomorrow! Bisous bisous, Luu

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