Freitag, 30. September 2011

Cosmopolitanism and Prejudices

Yesterday I finally took me a heart and tested my new sewing-machine and.... i couldn't stop anymore even if my boyfriend were there i carried on sewing (well, actually i've just repaired a dress and a blouse), but the equipment and the features are awesome and as well the enclosed instruction.

School's quite interesting at the moment. Today we talked about cosmopolitanism and stereotypes/ prejudices. We talked about different kind of people, behaviour, cultures and habits. I'm german, well, but i think i'm not a "typical german". I'm not always exact, never wear traditional clothing, don't speak any dialect, drink beer pretty rarely and i really don't know how we can say "oh gosh, such a typical .... behaviour." it mostly comes from impressions, experiences, films and stories. So if i have to chose which stereotype i want to be, I just wouldn't be none of them, because i'm just me and i'm an individuum so you can't generalize my type of person.

After sports-course i went down the hill from the swimming bath to the city centre and bought some natural cosmetics (like shampoo, hair repair fluid, mascara and a "duo" eyeshadow (gold/brown)). Then I went to the bio-"market" and bought one kg oatmeal and meanwhile i mentioned this new and organic chewing gum (chicza - organic mayan rainforest chewing gum: ingredients:powdered organic evaported cane juice, organic gum base, organic glucose, organic agave syrup, organic spearmint flavour).

(chewing gum and fast drawn draft for a "thank-you"-letter to my great-grandma)

Tomorrow's a birthday party from 2 good friends, so i've just made some brownies the last hour (tried a new recipe with apple-mango-sauce and melted chocolate). It's still too hot to taste it, but i'll definately will make photos, post the recipe and tell you if non-vegan people like them.

Really looking forward to the party even if i promised my friends to be one of their "barkeepers". So much to do 'till then. So sleep well and bisous bisous, Luu

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