Dienstag, 13. September 2011

First day in school again and a late-evening pancake

Today school started again after the great summer holidays. We first had a big meeting with our form tutor, we got our scedules and talked about all the important and new stuff, we'll need to know for our 2 last years there. We got our locker keys and I realized that I've only 4 lessons on monday and my wednesdays will start at 9:20, my fridays will be the longest schooldays but in the afternoon I'll have 4 art-practicing-lessons, so it'll be more relaxed than having english,german or maths. I think that's enough....

So this evening I went to a Pilates-cours with some friends and well, it was quite hard to train all the muscles for one hour after 6 weeks almost doing nothing like this. But if it wonÄt be so painful, I'll go there again tomorrow evening.

I'm really confused at the moment because I feel like I can't becalme my appetite. Therefore I made a big Pancake when I came home from the sport course.

Easy Pancake:
3-4 T (Tablespoon) fluor
1/2 NoEgg
1 pinch baking powder, cinnamon, vanilla, salt
1 T sugar/ maple syrup/ any kind of sweetener (if desired)
handful of raisins and cranberries
soy-drink/rice-drink/almond drink (add 'till the dough has the desired consistence)

Mix all the ingredients, bake the pancake with a relative low heat in an oiled (thistle-oil) pan, and wait 'till you see little holes on the upper side, then turn it over.

I ate my one with non-dairy white chocolate-chips (melted from the pancakes heat, the chips became a yummy white cream) and some plums.

I need to change my Layout and I also want to change my header, so let's see if I'll find time this week, otherwise it has to wait...unfortunately.

Bisous bisous, Luu

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