Freitag, 16. September 2011

yeai. birthday!

Haahaa. well today's my birthday and 'till now, i didn't get any congats.... even if my boyfriend, my brother and mother are at home... So i'm looking for breakfast or well for dinner because i'll have school 'till 16:40. This Evening i made some muffins for school. I'll give them to my "Ethik-Course". So we'll eat muffins in our first lesson. Hm, that's a quite awesome way to start a day!
I also started to make my own birthday cake/torte. It's called "Banoffee-"torte, because it's a normal biscuit with a cream, bananas and caramel-syrup. The dough is already finished and cut into 3 pieces and the cream is in the fridge and i'll finish it after school. I'm looking so forward to this cake because i love caramel and it's my second torte....
I'll post the recipe with pictures as soon as possible.

In the evening we'll make some things to eat and play some games. It'll be just a relaxed atmosphere and a lot of fun!

On saturday evening we'll go to Ulm to visit the "Kulturnacht". We'll be 5-7 people and there are so many great events, that definately gonna be fabulous!!

Unfortunately without an image today but my first week at school is almost over and i hope i can make much more photos the next time.

Bisous bisous, Luu

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  1. Alles Gute!!!
    Muffins am Morgen klingen toll. Und die Torte auch!


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