Montag, 19. September 2011

worst birthday ever, "Leyan" and ups'n'downs and an urgent question!

I don't understand myself. I'm freaking out all the time without a real reason. My birthday was so awful. It was stressy and i was nerved the whole evening. I'm sorry for my boyfriend (M), brother and mother. But nobody understood me. I thought that nobody cared. Me and my boyfriend argued a lot. Well, at the end we found a solution and one of the reasons for my behavior.... It just will be so hard when i'll see him only two or 3 weekends a month. I still have to go to school for 2 years and i need to learn so much to do my best and get great marks. ...

So after my bad birthday we had a nice breakfast and in the evening we went to Ulm by train. There was the "Kulturnacht" and we had a lot of fun. In one club we saw a band called "Leyan" playing kind of Indie-Rock. They were awesome and M bought a CD. In another club we danced a lot to reggae-music and in the end we went to a cellar-party. Dancing to minimal-house and the kind of music you can jump and jump faster and faster is as fabulous as feeling nothing just the beat. We went home with the first train at 6 am.

Not everything about my birthday was so upsetting. I love my presents:
a sewing-machine, a check for a lomo-fisheye camera, a music-case (selfmade by my brother), little things, money and a pullover, and of course postcards and letters. The breakfast was nice, too and my selfmade birthday-torte.

But for now I have a really big problem. I still can't believe it... I accidentally deleted all the photos from friday ( well, it wasn't many pics but some of my torte and some from playing a game).

I deleted the photos from my Memory card... Does anybody know if or how i can RECOVER them????

It would mean so much to me. Even if it would ever remind me of that day. But I will ever look back then with mixed feelings....

Desperate but hopeful, bisous bisous, Luu


  1. Hi Luu,
    just send me the memory card by mail and I will send you the recovered data. Most importantly though: REMOVE THE CARD FROM ANY DEVICE, DONT USE IT ANYMORE OR YOU WILL OVERWRITE THE DATA!!!

    So, first things first and it sounds you had as much fun as I had :)


  2. jop lovely brother :)
    saturday was awesome :)


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