Donnerstag, 24. November 2011

lace lace, i need to swim really fast

Here's my new self-sewed t-shirt. This green lace is really soft and comfortable like wearing a feather (haha). And I finished it yesterday evening and just decided to wear it at school today, and tadadaam: I got so much "views" and compliments like "wow, looks great" or "you sewed it? - i absolutely thought it's a bought item" yeah, and that felt so fantastic! I know now that i want to sew more stuff and that wearing these things feels fabulous! :)

I've break now and so i'm off to cook something yummy. I need so much energy because i need to do the "cooper-test"- thing later this afternoon. Good luck to me (haha, my muscles still hurt from yesterday (i trained for today - argh- bad idea, but now i think i'm able to do this!)).

Bisous bisous, Luu

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