Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

inspiration and school stuff

This afternoon I've a headache and to get rid of it i tried to sleep a little bit, but then i slept for about 3 hours and now i'm not tired enough to go to bed. Unfortunately. 'cause I'll practice with our choir at school. So I need to get up about nine o'clock. Even I've had a quite long day at school and wrote a classtest, I'm still relaxed, because after this test I will only have to do the maths test next week and then this school semester is almost finished (then I'll have 3 ones more and my leaving school examination!).
Tomorrow my boyfriend is coming to me again. We'll spend the weekend together (although i actually need to practice for the test). It's going to be great, because time with him always is! And time with him is even better every from day to day and week to month. Love's in the air ;)

(and because of my aversion, i didn't take so much pictures the last time. So here are some inspirations from

((via)  This last one is from Sara Blake aka Zso. She's a fabulous fine artist, I think! just WOW!)

I hope to find time to take some pictures this weekend! Bisous and enjoy the "crazy" wheather! Luu

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