Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

November Shooting #2

Shirt (with blue dots): Selfmade

red Blazer: Selfmade

T-shirt: Selfmade

Dress & Scarf: Selfmade

The shooting took place in an old house of a good friend of mine, he also took the photos. It was great fun, but it was so damn cold in there (even as cold as it was outside then). I don't show you the photos from my friend, because I don't know whether she'll agree or not. But she also wears clothes I sewed: trousers/"chino" (i already showed you here and here), T-shirt/Longsleeve, Dress/Blouse (you can see these 3 clothes also here). 
Maybe I'll sew something today; I really need a new pencil case and I'll see what else I want to/can do!
(But I first have to do some school stuff and then I can do whatever makes me happy ;) So let's start working^^)
Have a nice Sunday! Bisous bisous, Luu


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