Samstag, 11. August 2012

Impressions: Santorini - on a boat trip #1

Lying on a canvas chair and enjoying the sun and heat is great. But going around and discover new things is even better. During our week in Greece we participated in 2 guided tours and we made one trip on our own to Fira, the capital of Santorini. This post is about our first guided trip. We went ta a vulcano and walked to the top of it. Then we went swimming in the hot spring (as you can see in the first two pictures). The water was about 5-10°C warmer and red/brown (because of the iron and other minearal particles). 
Afterwards we went to an isle where only 300 people live. We went to a restaurant called Captain John. The food was delicious and the view was fantastic. And then we watched the sun going down (you'll see this next time).

The next post will be about the boat trip, too. So Now I'm watching "Sieben Jahre in Tibet". I also baked some "PB and Chocolate Chip Muffins". Have a nice day and evening! Bisous, Luu


  1. so wunderschön diese Landschaft!

  2. WOW!

  3. Gefälltmirgefälltmirgefälltmir :)

  4. These are so beautiful! Makes me want to go on holiday again.

  5. The last picture with the ship in the background is beautiful.



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