Montag, 3. September 2012

Muffins with coconut milk

Guess what? 
These muffins don't contain any veg-oil or margarine. These muffins get the fat they need to taste well from coconut milk! So enjoy them!

Coconut & Chocolate Muffins (12 servings):
- 250g Flour
- 100g brown sugar / 10g stevia mix
- 1 tsp baking powder
- 1/8 tsp salt
- 3 Tbsp cacao powder / 50g melted chocolate
- 250ml coconut milk
- add (soy) drink 'till batter's a smooth consistence
- bake: 15-20 minutes; 180°C / 356°F.

And here are some other muffin recipes: PB & Chocolate Chip Muffins; Blueberry Muffin (from a pancake recipe); huge single serving MuffinGluten-free Muffins; Flour-free Muffin; some more Muffin recipes!  So happy baking and I take some pictures now! Bisous bisous, Luu



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