Dienstag, 6. November 2012

A new little case for my mobile

The fabric actually wanted to be a part of my first self sewed trousers. It almost became a pocket, but I decided not to make any "real" pockets on the flip side. So when I found it on Saturday I decided to make this small thing instead. I really like it and I sewed half of it by hand (without using my sewing machine). I love this kind of work so much. It's a great activity to do in front of the TV while your watching a movie or series. Try it out! I've a really small mobile, so this piece almost had the perfect size. I think I'll use some more spare fabric pieces to do cute little cases for anything! 
Do you like to see more DIY-Projects (using stuff which's left over)? 

BTW: does anyone want one case like this? In any size available!
Bisous bisous, Luu


  1. Ich habe eben auch zwei Stück genäht, aber mit der Maschine ;) Ist da ein Gummizug drin? Clever :)

    1. ja in einen kleinen Tunnelzug hab ich eine Gummischnur eingenäht :)


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