Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Things I love this week

Hm. summer is the best time for iced smoothies! I drank so much the last few days. They're so easy to make: put some pieces of any fruit/ fruit juice, ice cubes, coconut creme or anythingyou like together in a blender. Mix it and enjoy it!

Besides smoothies I also love strawberries and every baked good (cakes, muffins, cookie balls, etc).
These days had been so stressful and I still have to do some (important) things for school. I'll make a presenation about plastic (recycling and manufacturing), write a physics classtest and have to draw some pictures. 

These Pancakes are also fantastic with cacao and apple sauce: Pancakes,  similar pancakes 

This recipe would work with so many different kind of fruits: Iced cake

I need to make it again! selfmade almond and coconut spread.

Things that inspire me: 

 light and friendly colours - nature

ballet is my favourite kind of sport. this picture is great!

wonderful hair and accessory 
Now I keep on working and enjoy the warm weather and sunlight. 
Have a nice day! Bisous bisous, Luu


  1. Ich glaub ich muss mir nen Mixer zulegen, bei den ganzen Rezepten die du hier veroeffentlichst! Smoothies oder Shakes find ich sowieso total klasse, eventuell sollte ich mal darueber nachdenken wenn ich wieder Zuhause bin :)

  2. I love the flower crown! Thank you so much for the sweet blog comment! Hope your day is wonderful! xo Elsie


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