Samstag, 14. Juli 2012

Two days with (great) food

asparagus soup in a café and checking out the new german "Elle"

selfmade by my mom. she wanted to bake some bread and it tasted like italian (ciabatta) bread

I took this fruit salad to school today, we planned to have a breakfast, but then I ate it up alone. Honeydew melon, blueberries, banana, peach, almond slices. Hm. Fruit salad is so good in summertime. Oh I love summer, but the weather's crazy at the moment.

I also made these brownies for school today. Some people said it wasn't sweet enough, but I don't like a huge amount of sugar in my food at the moment. So, the recipe for these brownies will follow!

After some time I made an oatmeal for breakfast again: Oatmeal, I replaced the coffee with cacao powder. And we had some fresh blueberries again. Today my mother brought a new bowl and I want to make some blueberry muffins (maybe). So my weekend will be full with food, friends, fun and sewing! (I made a little case for a pair of glasses, made a nice cover for a letter to Canada, sewed the handle for an easy bag) .

Now I'll go to bed and will speel as long as I need (because I didn't sleep much the last weeks. I had so little time for so many things to do, write or hand in....) Sressful time is finally over and I got every classtest back. 
Happy Weekend and Enjoy "working" for fun or relaxing!
Bisous bisous, Luu


  1. Die Brownies sehen toll aus! Ich möchte nächste Woche einen Brownie-Kuchen machen, meinst du das funktioniert? Oder bricht es zu schnell?

  2. Ich hab die Weisheitszähne gezogen bekommen und ernähre mich nun von Eis :D

  3. Ja, lecker ist es schon aber ich hätte mal wieder Lust auf Fleisch :D

  4. lecker!
    schau doch mal bei mir vorbei und werde Leser, wenn dir mein Blog gefällt :) liebe Grüße!

  5. Looks soo delish! Great photos!
    Check out my blog and follow back on bloglovin if you'd like!
    Drey -

  6. Yummy, das sieht so lecker aus :)

  7. yummy, die Bilder machen Lust auf mehr^^


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