Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Rearranged my room today

Ich hab heute Nachmittag endlich geschafft mein Zimmer umzugestalten! Ich hab meinen Kleiderschrank durch eine Kleiderstange ersetzt und mein Bücherregal umfunktioniert:

Today, as you can read in the tile, I rearranged my room. I substituted my wardrobe for a clothes rail and converted my bookshelf:

(before new arrangement)

( after the rearrangement, and a new order for my shoes with heels)

 ( some books and the half of my clothes)

(my lovely Charlie with my new straw hat on, (my hats) and one of my favourite bags)

 (my shoes, well, yeah grey and brown shoes are my favourites)

(I love this old suitcase! and 3 more pairs of shoes)

I'm in such a good mood the last days. So I decided to change something again. So my room got some fresh wind and I had a 5 hours of work today. Do you like it?
My room seems to be taller now, 'cause the huge closet needed so much place (opical and in real squaremeters). I took some inspiration on Elsie and Emma's (crafting/lifestyle)blog: A beautiful mess.
What do you do to welcome the spring/summer (warm) time? 

 I'm going to cook something now, 
Enjoy your evening! Bisous, Luu

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