Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Great day - Food and a little leo bow

Der Tag war anstrengend und hat mir dennoch viel Freude bereitet. Ballett war recht produktiv. Meinen Rock näh ich Morgen dann weiter. Dafür hab ich heute eine kleien Schleife aus nem Stoffrest genäht. Ooh, mit der Hand etwas zu nähen/flicken ist so enspannend und macht so viel Spaß!

I'm tired now. But today was productive....and so much fun! Ballet, sewing a little bow from a fabric remnant (fabric I use for my skirt). Tomorrow I'll continue sewing my skirt and maybe make some more bows (enough remnant for 3 more bows). I'll see how to use them ( with a fixing pin on my clothes or on a hair ribbon). Today I sewed a part of the bow by hand and I loved it (it's so much fun)!

Heute Abend gabs dann ein etwas aufwendigeres Abendessen: geschmorte Gemüsepfann mit gebratenem Tofu und Minikartoffeln.

Today's dinner: braised vegetables, roasted tofu and little potatoes:

You need: 
1 onion, 150g tofu, 1 little broccoli, 250g littletomatos, 1 zucchini, little potatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper, soy-sauce

 To do:  
* chop the onion and cut the tofu into little pieces, roast in a pan with oil (start with the tofu).
* cook the broccoli pieces for some minutes (5-10) and then roast for 1-2 minutes with some oil, pepper and salt.
* wash the potatoes and cook them untill you can cut them easily.
*  wash the zucchini and the tomatoes, cut the zucchini into pieces. Roast the (uncut) tomatoes and the zucchini in a pan with oil, balsamic vinegan, pepper (use a lid, oil andd vinegar will flit).

Voilà! Bon appetit. Enjoy cooking and eating! 
Bisous bisous, Luu


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