Montag, 4. Juni 2012

single-serving Muffin with Coconut Frosting and Strawberries

Single-serving Cake:

- 3 EL Mehl (3 Tbsp Flour)
- 1,5 EL Kakao (Backkakao/süßer Kakao) ( 1,5 Tbsp cacao)
- 1 Prise Salz (1 pinch of salt)
- 2 TL Zucker (2 tsp brown sugar)
- 1/4 TL Backpulver (1/4 tsp baking powder)
- 1 Stevia / 1 TL Zucker (1 package stevia / 1 tsp sugar)
- 2-3 TL Öl (2-3 tsp oil)
- 3 EL Drink nach Wahl (3 Tbsp drink of choice)
- 1/2 TL Vanillezucker (1/2 tsp vanilla sugar)

Mix the dry ingredients and then add the liquid ones. Pour into a form and bake in the preheated oven for about 5-15 minutes. 

Coconut-Chocolate Frosting:

- 1 reife Banane (1 ripe banana)
- 2 EL Kakao (2 Tbsp cacao)
- 1 Prise Salz (1 pinch of salt)
- 1 TL Vanillezucker (1 tsp vanilla sugar)
- 4 EL Kokosbutter (4 Tbsp coconut butter)

Mix the ingredients either with a food processor or by hand. Yummy frosting for your little cake!
(I tried this recipe for the first time today and just love it as frosting or eat it straight out of the bowl. Hmmm. Soo delicous.)

Selfmade Coconut butter:

- Kokosraspeln (grated coconut)
(- 1-2 TL Öl/Kokosöl (1-2 tsp oil/coconut oil) (optional))

Put the coconut flakes in a food processor or a moulinette and blend for 5-15 minutes ('till it's sonft and creamy).

(Recipe and inspiration sources: Katie's one minute cake and Katie's frosting and Katie's homemade coconut butter).

Enjoy eating! Bisous bisous, Luu


  1. ich hab gerade deinen Blog entdeckt und muss hab ich Hunger :D wow sieht das lecker aus!:)
    ♥, Mary Agnes

  2. Backst du dir einfach mal so einen Muffin oder machst du gleich mehrere?


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