Sonntag, 3. Juni 2012

selfmade honeydew melon ice cream and pancakes for breakfast

Wenn man um 6 erst zu Hause ankommt und um 7 im Bett liegt, braucht man wohl kein Frühstück mehr. Also begann mein Tag heute mit einem süßen Mittagessen: Pancakes mit selbstgemachtem Honigmelonen Eis/Sorbet, Erdbeeren und Ahornsirup. Der reinste Zuckerschock sozusagen.

Pancakes (5-10 Stück):

- 8EL Mehl ( 8 Tbsp Flour)
- 2 EL Steviamischung/ brauner Zucker ( 2 Tbsp stevia-mix/brown sugar)
- 1 Prise Salz (1 pinch of salt)
- 1 TL Backpulver (1 tsp baking powder)
- 1 EL Ahornsirup ( 1Tbsp maple syrup)
- (Soja-)Drink (drink)

Mix all ingredients (add drink 'till the dough reaches either a viscous or a liquid consistence). Roast with some margarine. Voilà! 

(Honigmelonen) Eis/Sorbet:

- 500ml Drink nach Wahl (500ml drink of choice)
- 1/2 Honigmelone (1/2 honeydew melon)
- 1 Prise Salz (1 pinch of salt)
- 2 EL Ahornsirup (2 Tbsp maple syrup)
- 2 EL Steviamischung/ brauner Zucker (2 Tbsp stevia mixtue/brown sugar)
- 1 TL Vanillezucker (1 tsp vanilla sugar)

Use an ice cream machine (for another option: Katie's recipes can be made with a blender,etc.). 
Purée the honeydrew melon and mix with the other ingredients. Fill the liquid mix in the ice cream machine and use as it's told in the instruction. Maybe you want to add some little pieces of the melon.
Voilà! Yummy ice cream!

When you come home at 6 AM and go to bed at 7 AM, you don't need a breakfast anymore. So we woke up and prepared our lunch. Sweet pancakes with selfmade honeydrew meloin ice cream, strawberries and maple syrup. Maybe some people get shocked eating such an amount of sugar or sweetness! But it was so delicious and fruity! Just yummy! I wish every day could start with this meal!
Bisous bisous, Luu


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